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SMART Train latest Apr 2016
Place a security freeze on your credit reports
You don't have to wait till September 2017 for that 3rd lane on Richmond Bridge
Carcinogenicity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields
The risks of NOT being vaccinated
Bay Transit Costs 2012
San Rafael's Community Engagement Action Plan
$14 million for County's ERP Computer system (Dec 2014)
Bottled Water Con
From 2008 to 2012 from which counties did our new residents come?
Mill Valley Planners ignorant of Marin's "MODERATE INCOME"
Special Districts
Two North Bay Mail Distribution Centers to be replaced by Oakland
Marin Bicyclists Count
California's High-Speed Rail LIES

Only the Japanese High Speed Rail makes economic sense

CA Hearing on SB375 GHG Emission Limit  May 2014
The "90+ Study" on AGING
Housing Elements Workshop's Hype
Larkspur Station Area Plan
Educational Technology
Find your Bottled Water Rating
Did you know Lucas Valley is not named for George! and other Marin History
 Marin's PENSION programs
- a time bomb
Plan Bay Area TRUTHS
FEMA in Marin   Flood Insurance premium from $1,500 to$10,500
List of sites with those at risk of HWY101 pollution indicated
The county's total "retiree-related debt" is $864 million.
Fluorinated Water
Counties that have recently implemented new ERP Computer Systems
$36 subsidy per patron on local Paratransit Bus 

2012 17 Sites -- Marin County Housing Element

Marin Clean Energy
2012 Electric Power Generation Mix
Greenbrae Interchange

84% Republicans get their news from Fox last week

Community Calendars

Crime Report Map
San Rafael
San Anselmo
Corte Madera
Gerstle Park
Lincoln & SR Hill Ne'brh'd





Peacock Gap


West End Neighborhood Association

Bret Harte

Bayside Acres
Loch Lomond
Porto Bello
Southern Heights
Federation of SR Neighborhoods
SR Schools
Pixie Park
Floating Homes

Recreation Calendars

Pacific Sun Events
Marin IJ Events

Chronicle Events

Fort Mason
Cow Palace
Concord Pavilion, Shoreline,

the Greek theatre berkeley

Falkirk Cultural Center
19 Broadway
Poker in SR
Sam's Tiburon
142 Throck Morton Theatre
Marin Symphony
Marin Shakespeare
Studio 55 Marin
Rancho Nicasio
Dance Palace Pt Reyes

John Muir's Journals


TV Channels & Weather

4 KRON MyNetworkTV
 (once the NBC affiliate)
3 KNTV  NBC (based in San Jose)

2 KTVU (based in Oakland) (FOX)

KQED 9 and
KQED Plus (formerly KTEH)
9 & 54 (PBS; the latter based in
San Jose)

717 KCSM (San Mateo)
722 KRCB (north bay)

KAXT 1   KBCW 12/44 (CW)
(Independently owned TV station with 12 video & 8 Audio channels)
KDTV-DT 14 (Univision) KEMO 50
(based in Santa Rosa)
(Azteca America)
KFTL 28 (Family Radio TV)
KSTS 48 (based in San Jose)
KKPX-TV 65 ION Television
KFSF-DT 66 (based in Vallejo)


Crime Reports
Marin Meetings

Map of WebCAMs
Cam at HWY 101 at 580
Cam at HWY 101 at Richardson Bay JCT 1

Follow Marin Events   Best Books of the Season Dec 5th 

Bay Area Significant Events (Eclectic)

84% Republicans get news from Fox 

Community Organizations

Volunteer Marin
West Marin Comm.Radio
Marin Humane

Marin Children and Families Commission
 County Aging page         
County Probate Sales
Peace and Justice Coalition
Southern Marin Mothers
Bay Model
Marin History

Marin Employment Center

Marin Center
College of marin
Novato Mothers

SF Arts   
Citizen Marin
Save Marinwood
Group Quiet Safe San Rafael
Group Santa Venetia
Marin Trails
Marin Parks
Audubon Walks
Sleepy Hollow

Marin CoEd Soccer 

Women's Soccer League

Girls Softball 
Tiburon LittleLeague
Tiburon Soccer

Race Walking
Marin Mummies
Marin Swim Teams

Marin Pirates Swim Team
Novato Riptide Swim team
Marinwood Water Devils

Pacific Coast Marlins
Bay Area Discovery Museum

California's SINGLE PAYER Healthcare

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