John Muir Transcription Project

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John Muir Transcription Project Style Guide and Steps

Thank you for your interest in helping us to transcribe the Muir journals!

Please follow these guidelines:

Illegible words: use empty brackets [    ]. If you are not sure of the word, use brackets around your guess. Use question marks only when Muir does. [tip: use the letters that you have and put them in a search on the internet and see what results you get.] 

Crossed out words: If the word(s) are legible add them in brackets without the line through them. The correct order of the words is not necessary.

Abbreviations: put exactly what Muir has written. You may add what you think the word is an abbreviation for in brackets.  "Mtns. [Mountains]."

Photos or drawings:
 transcribe any captions to drawings. If there are no captions, you are welcome to briefly describe the drawing. "[lake with trees]." 

Do not include Muir's original line breaks.
 You may include paragraph and page breaks if you choose, but it is not necessary. 

Transcribe one page at a time.  
Transcribing an entire journal at once might be rather tedious and others may be transcribing the same journal. 



2)   Select one of Muir's 78 online journals and click on it.
3)   Determine if a page has already been transcribed
      a) Select a journal page from the right hand navigation bar and click it.
      b) Once you see the pages in the middle of the screen,
          click on "View Image & Text" above the image to the right.

      c) The transcription will appear if it has been transcribes.
      d) If it reads "There is no text for this item," go ahead and get started
4)   Transcribe the page that you have into an email or document
5)   Send your page transcription along with the journal title and image number(s)

6)   Your transcription may be edited if necessary.

7)   Let us know if you do NOT want your name listed as one of our citizen curators.


Muir Abbreviations
lol = between
+ = &
O = circumference
ab = abundant/above
alt = altitude
ava = avalanche
bot = bottom
Can = canyon
Cath = Cathedral
cld/clds/cldy = cloud/clouds/cloudy
Clrk = Clark
clvg = cleavage
crk = creek
dia = diameter
dir = direction
dist = distance
Eag = Eagle
el = elevation
El Cap = El Capitan
flr/flrs = flower/flowers
gl/glac = glacier
HH = Hetch Hetchy
Hoff = Hoffmann
Ind = indian
L = lake
lvs = leaves
mi/ms = mile/miles
mor =moraine
mtn/mtns = mountain/mountains
pk = peak
Pt = point
Sp = spruce
Ten = Tenaya
trib = tributary
Tuol = Tuolumne
v = very
val = valley
wh = which
Yo/YoSem = Yosemite